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Overall goal 

Contribute to a decrease in maternal and infant mortalities in Afghanistan (SDG 3, human rights) 

Three strategies 

1. Provide health education to women. 

2. Encourage pregnant women to give birth in health care facilities. 

3. Prevent hypothermia of the newborn. 

Activities in Kabul, implemented by OAHS (Omaid Afghanistan Humanitarian Services) 

1. Groups of ten women each are given materials and are paid to knit woolen items for newborns. 

2. At monthly meetings, these women are:

  • offered health education on topics of their choice concerning women’s health or family health. 

  • advised on how to become change agents in their community.  

  • encouraged to bring along a friend/ family member. 

3. Knitted items are distributed in Kabul maternities and beyond, rewarding women for giving birth in a health care facility. 


Added benefits : Women’s social, economic and educational empowerment 

Support activities in Europe and North America 

1. Financial support 

2. Dozens of knitters volunteering their time, skills and funds to knit woolen items for babies. These are sent to Kabul, thus multiplying the work of Kabul knitters. 


Added benefits : Giving knitters a sense of purpose ; showing worldwide solidarity with Afghan women and their babies ; benefiting from the positive aspects of knitting on mental health 

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